Spooky Carnival Slot Overview

Ready to be frightened, folks? If so, avoid Red Tiger’s online slot Spooky Carnival. Despite its pumpkin-slash-Halloween motif, Spooky Carnival isn’t scary. As a mild game, it may be appropriate for internet gamblers who don’t desire The Exorcist-level fear. So, dress up and get ready for some scary fun with features like pay symbols to wild conversions and free spins.

Spooky Carnival is hosted in an unlikely area for a carnival. Avoid Rio and its throng cheering on colorful floats with spectacular dancers. Spooky Carnival is hosted in a pumpkin field where every carnival seems to have closed for the season or long ago. In the active game area, cobwebs, blazing pumpkin eyes, a hostile raven, a waxy skull, and a witch’s hat create a frightening atmosphere. Spooky Carnival may appeal to fans of Stakelogic’s Voodoo Reels and Devil’s Trap and Pragmatic Play’s Zombie Carnival.

Play Spooky Carnival on a 5×3 game panel with 10 paylines. Starting from the left, matching symbols on a payline across neighboring reels make a winning combination. A fairly risky game with low max wins and a 95.68% preset RTP. Select a stake of 10 p/c to £/€60 per spin to enter the carnival.

Spooky Carnival symbols features nine regular pays—five low and four high. Spectrally styled 10-A card ranks are lows, whereas blue potion bottles, cauldrons, hammers, and sticky apples are highs. A five-of-a-kind victory with low pays pays 1.2 to 4 times the stake, up to 6 to 20 times the wager with high pays. All reels have a Jack-o-lantern wild symbol. If 5 wilds appear, the payout is 20 times the bet, or wilds can replace any pay symbol.

Spooky Carnival Slot Features

In the regular game and free spins bonus round, the Wild & Spooky Coin feature turns pay symbols into wilds.

Scary Coin

Wilds with Spook Any spin can land coins. The progress bar above the reels collects each wild coin. The progress bar holds 5 coins. When 5 coins are gathered, the following spin will include wild symbols instead of random symbols. An additional symbol type may be substituted for wilds randomly. Any coins gathered beyond the progress bar are collected but appear on the next spin.

Free Spins

Three scatters on reels 1, 3, and 5 provide 10 free spins. The free spins bonus has no scatters. Any Spooky Coins on the progress bar on the triggering spin are carried over to the free spins round. Spooky Coins are gathered like in the main game, but all symbol kinds switched for wilds swap on each spin for the length of free spins. Additionally, completing the progress bar gives +3 free spins. If the progress meter is full when no more free spins remain, the round continues and the next free spin is removed. Spooky Coins stored after the last free spins go to the main game.

Spooky Carnival Slot Review

Even though it was colorful, Spooky Carnival didn’t wow. Really, Spooky Carnival was hard to describe. It’s reminiscent of some of the slots listed above but not as spooky, especially at midnight with all the house lights off. Due to its aesthetics, Spooky Carnival may be better played around Halloween to get in the spirit. Yes, gamers can play the game at various hours.

Spooky Carnival’s free spins bonus round’s wild symbol shift is a highlight. The main game lets you do this by collecting enough Spooky Coins to wild swap a symbol on the next spin. You can’t accumulate 5 coins and then sneakily increase the wager to watch what happens on the following spin since bet levels are recorded. Free spins are best since there may be more symbol switching. Effective, although not as much as you may imagine. Spooky Carnival’s best payout is 1,530.1x the bet, possibly due to its low paylines and symbol values.

It’s funny, one minute we’re discussing Judgement Day Megaways, the next Spooky Carnival. Red Tiger has shown it can cater to gamblers of various levels, thus Spooky Carnival may appeal to those who prefer smaller, lighter, less scary games. Its good concept may be limited by weak numbers.

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