Overview of the Mega Money Multiplier Game

Microgaming’s Big Money Multiplier slot is one of those games that encourages players to slow down and take a virtual step back in time. This 3-reel version has only two special features: a re-spin trigger and a multiplier that functions as a Wild on the reels.



This simple online slot has a minimum wager of 15p per spin and a maximum bet of £150, and there are just 9 paylines to play. Undoubtedly music to the ears of traditional slot machine aficionados turned off by the bonuses, side games, and multiple paylines featured on the vast majority of today’s virtual machines.


In this review of Mega Money Multiplier, we spin the reels to determine if the payouts are comparable to other online slots. In addition, we include some Mega Money Multiplier recommendations for those interested in playing this classic slot machine for real money.


Find the highest available multiplier at Mega Money Multiplier

Uncover which symbols offer the highest payouts

Determine how the game’s free spins are activated.

Money 3 Reels


In this three-reel Microgaming slot, you’ll experience classic slot action.


Low Casino House Edge


Enjoy an above-average RTP with just a 3.85% house edge.


Coins Nine Paylines


Mega Money Multiplier provides nine distinct chances to win.


Search Big Bets


In 2023, high rollers can wager £150 every spin on the Mega Money Multiplier slot machine.



Easy gameplay Mobile-friendly

Line win multiplier

Cons free spins

3 reels

9 paylines

Fundamental attributes

Major Features of the Mega Money Multiplier Slot Game Analyzed


The easiest online slot game we’ve played in a while.

Mega Money Multiplier is the closest online slot we’ve discovered to a traditional slot machine. Everything has been reduced to its bare essentials for this one. Other from a free spins option and multiplier function (the clue was in the name), this Microgaming product contains very little else.


Bets ranging from 15 pence up to £150 per spin are accepted. Yet in an unique move, Mega Money Multiplier has only three reels, as opposed to the standard five reels found in modern online slots. This game provides slot gamers with a classic gambling experience in yet another way.


Try our free Mega Money Multiplier game on this website for yourself. Alternatively, up the stakes and wager real money at any of the online casinos we recommend.


The seven highest-paying symbols, without considering multipliers, are the

Microgaming has confined the reel icons to 7s and different-colored BARs in order to pay respect to old-school slot machines. The highest reward is awarded for matching three red 7s; however, the Mega Money Multiplier jackpot of £300 is awarded for landing the 5x multiplier.


The center of the action takes shape in Reel 2.

Although 2x multiplier wilds can appear on any reel in the Mega Money Multiplier slot machine, the second reel is the key to the game’s greatest payouts.


In addition to the x2 multiplier, the x3, x4, and x5 multipliers are also attainable on this reel. In addition, if you land more than one wild symbol on reel 2, you’ll activate a re-spins feature that re-spins this middle reel for the chance to line up even more prizes.


The jackpot is activated when a unique multiplier combination appears on all three reels.

Another reason why Reel 2 is essential in Mega Money Multiplier is when attempting to win the £300 jackpot. This win is contingent on a single symbol combination, which on reel 2 implies earning the top x5 multiplier.


But there’s more. In addition to the x5 symbol on the second reel, players can only win the jackpot if reels 1 and 3 stop on an x2 multiplier. Only when all three symbols align across the reels will the Mega Money Multiplier jackpot be activated.


Real-money mobile players are accommodated.

Even though this is one of Microgaming’s simpler slot games, the company hasn’t forgotten about mobile casino players with its nostalgic offering. In fact, the simplified display and features of the Mega Money Multiplier slot make it a perfect option for smaller screens.


Throughout our testing for this review of Mega Money Multiplier, we discovered that the game was optimized for mobile devices of all generations.


Reintroduces players to the essence of what slots gambling is all about. Some players may believe Microgaming is slightly insane for releasing Mega Money Multiplier into a market crowded with thrills and features. We have a tendency to disagree. If you’re searching for a break from today’s complex games, the Big Money Multiplier online slot game is for you.


This game emphasizes straightforward “spin and play” slots gameplay and puts the reels back at the center of the action. While the attractiveness of such a simple Online game may be lost on some, Mega Money Multiplier will undoubtedly be a breath of fresh air for others.

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